Thursday, 19 April 2012

Return to Almias

I return once more to Almias Cliff. There is a real pull for me to this place; a short distance to travel to but feels like being in another world! It is 6am best time of the day. The sun is just rising and frozen snow still remains on the ground from a few days ago. It is freezing literally!!

I continue to mark make with the sandstone. The rough texture of the stone is more heightened by the freezing temperature. It hurts my hand to draw. This physicality is raw and bring me closer to the environment and its materiality.

I find some charcoaled wood from a fire once lit secretly round the back of the rock! An alternative mark making tool that forms a contrast to the lighter tones of sandstone. This material feels smooth and so much more fluid than the coarse sandstone. It leaves dark dramatic marks. 

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