Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Outcrop of Rocks near Brimham Rocks

I embark on these rocks near the larger sandstone formations at Brimham Rocks. In the heart of moorland the atmosphere is fabulous quiet serene and only the sound of the curlews and pheasants on the moor. I feel like I am in ‘Wuthering Heights’!!!

The sandstone once again gives me the opportunity to make some really good marks. The stone is so abrasive and textured it is easy to draw and realize a physical presence. It crumbles easy and there is not much loose stone to actually mark make; the elements have done their work on the structures and it has all crumbled loose into the land.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Swinsty Reservoir

I encountered Swinsty Reservoir today. It was calm, serene and you could almost hear a pin drop! Decided to do the 4mile walk around the reservoir.After my crit yesterday I have decided to simplify the mark making processes within the landscape.

Stone as a material features heavily within the Yorkshire landscape. As well as the industrial features of dams, reservoirs and mines, dry stone walls are a core part of the Dales landscape.

Because of the rough texture of the stone and its capability to realize drawing marks on its surface I will continue with the process of drawing with stone on stone.

I will then remove the stones to generate cavities where they once were. These cavities will remain as my integration with the space and I will transport the stones removed back to the studio space. 

Introducing a process formulated within the studio. Fishing wire hand knitted on willow needles. I am exploring aspects of binding and weaving, appropriating the grounding and rooting of humanity to the landscape and the physical world.