Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Swinsty Reservoir

I encountered Swinsty Reservoir today. It was calm, serene and you could almost hear a pin drop! Decided to do the 4mile walk around the reservoir.After my crit yesterday I have decided to simplify the mark making processes within the landscape.

Stone as a material features heavily within the Yorkshire landscape. As well as the industrial features of dams, reservoirs and mines, dry stone walls are a core part of the Dales landscape.

Because of the rough texture of the stone and its capability to realize drawing marks on its surface I will continue with the process of drawing with stone on stone.

I will then remove the stones to generate cavities where they once were. These cavities will remain as my integration with the space and I will transport the stones removed back to the studio space. 

Introducing a process formulated within the studio. Fishing wire hand knitted on willow needles. I am exploring aspects of binding and weaving, appropriating the grounding and rooting of humanity to the landscape and the physical world.

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